Bronze Photo Arts by Beth Riser | About

I was given my very own camera, a Nikon FE2, when I was 12, over 30 years ago. I have worked for, and studied with professional photographers ever since then, learning from many, and spending countless hours in both the chemical and digital darkroom -- playing, exploring.

Virginia is my native state, and there I studied Studio Art and English at the University of Virginia. I have been fortunate to live and travel around the country, as well as Europe. Colorado has been home for over 14 years now.

My two beautiful daughters often go with me to the world of enchantment and fascination with nature and our surroundings looking at snowflakes nesting, flowers dancing, and even the aging of bricks and mortar.

My photography often combines a contrast of perfect and rustic, or old and new, such as using vintage lenses on new digital cameras. And sometimes my photography is simply just about the moment and beauty in front of me.

I have taken many images of snowflakes. It’s a fascinating little world amongst them, as they take on personified images of warriors and fallen; Broken or proud; Marching or waving a flag; Athletes and stars; Or even architecture — castles, bridges, arches, and buildings. Sometimes they are trees, and often they are just simply snowflakes.

My first inspiration of taking snowflake photographs came from William Bentley of Vermont, who took his first snowflake photograph in 1885.

I use an old macro lens that my father gave me when I was about the age of 14 — pre-digital. I wear very warm winter clothing, really good snow boots, special gloves to deal with the cold and yet still be able to adjust my camera dials, and then capture the snowflakes in their environment as they land on earth.

— Beth Riser