Bronze Photo Arts by Beth Riser | Monumental Secrets

Monuments . . . are they ever really closely seen? Looking closer or even considering the unspoken history of the monuments standing day after day enduring time, nature, animals and humans. They keep their untold stories quiet, yet they are there to send a message, or to remind people about something that should not be forgotten. Even the artistic creation process is never really evident or understood, as passerby's rarely seem to see or think about what is before them.
Queen Victoria Statue outside of Kensington Gardens, London, EnglandRome, Italy. Monument of Vittorio Emanuele IIThe King Screen of the York Minster Choir Screen, EnglandBasilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona in progressMedusa of Ephesus, TurkeyLord Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, LondonThe Weighing of Souls, Notre Dame de ParisSt. John the Baptist, Notre Dame de Paris, FranceTomb of Count Claude Henri d'Harcout, Notre DameLe Beau Dieu stands on Beasts